Harmony Village Mittagong NSW

new dwellings

site, history & vision:

The site, part of the property known as “Harmony”: a wonderful example of the orchard culture established by European emigrants to Australia, hold historical and environmental values. Although, the land is zoned for up to 17 buildings blocks, the owners, who lived on the property for 90 years, chose to keep the orchard intact.

Today, the property has over 100 fruit and nut trees, a large variety of berries, organic vegetables and herb garden, as well as 275 native species. The vision for Harmony is to be a place of sanctuary, and to provide spaces for artistic and cultural opportunities.


Stage 2 Harmony village:

design process to project:

Harmony village is an innovative project combining all aspects of sustainable development: mud bricks construction, passive solar design principles, visual integration, community development, ecological and environmental conservation. The detailed parameters eased the design process. The model from existing buildings was applied in order to create a sense of harmony of shapes and movements. Careful consideration went towards the sitting and spacing of the dwellings, the orientation of living spaces to ensure degree of privacy, and optimal exposure to the sun path.

Sustainable practices and future development to be noted:

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