alterations and additions to farm house stage one

prospect, shelter -design process &

The original farm house was built in 1920: a four room weather board cottage sitting on the top of the hill.

My clients wanted to extend the house to accommodate the family. The concept design work on a master plan for the farm house & out buildings allowed to develop a plan for a new farm house and visitors wing articulated around courtyards.

The master plan allowed to stage the design and building work.

The clients decided to first work on some alterations and addition for the original cottage which will become the future guest wing for the new farm house (Stage 2).

The house sits on the top of the hill between two magnificent Moreton Bay figs. From this elevated position, the view over Jamberro valley and the Ocean is unique & beautiful. The capture of the facing Northern orientation and views will be paramount.

The alterations to the house design were to improve the orientation of the living areas and maximise the Northern orientation exposure and the views.

Passive solar design principles: The form evoking the simple farm barn was used to create simple volumes in the landscape and limit the footprint of the house design

summary - sustainability:


Architect & Interior Design - Nathalie Curtet
Builder – Owner Builder

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