“Touch the Earth lightly”
Aboriginal proverb


Nathalie Curtet architect



Architect & colleague testimonial:
“Nathalie excels in any challenge and demonstrates particular strength in thinking laterally through the conceptual design process. She has worked on numerous projects ranging from individual houses to large scale residential developments and commercial projects. Her work is always of the highest quality.”

Jeffrey A Scherer Architect:
”Nathalie cares about Mother Earth. Nathalie has a passion about establishing the delicate, and right balance, between use and depletion. She cares deeply about the consequence of her actions as an architect. As a talented architect, she gets it. Nathalie balances nature, program and client in her ideas, her discussion and in her probing questions”


nathalie curtet

architect NSW Registration board nb 8508
designer interior + colour

I was born in France. I grew up and gained an education in the Languedoc-Provence Regions, where the Ancient Romans left beautiful traces and monuments in the landscape and cities, and where light and colours are still celebrated by many artists.

I have clear images of the spaces and places where I lived as a child: aware of Light and Dark, colours, and the environment: EARTH, SKY, WATER, SUN....predominant in the landscape in Provence.

I grew a sensitivity to the emotive quality of my surroundings. In 1980, I attended the National School of Higher education in Architecture (NSAM) at the University of Marseille-Luminy. I became fascinated by the relationship between built form and the land, the choice of the site, and the layering of Time and traces in the landscape. From observing and experiencing, I began to develop my design philosophy: values and principles that now define Sustainable Design. I graduated in May 1988 with honours as an "architecte dplg".

I travelled, and settled in Australia from 1989. The sky, the intensity of the light, the beauty and rawness of the coastline, Sydney harbour and a reverence for Aboriginal culture are still giving me a deep sense of connection to this land, this place.

First practising as a design architect for local firms, I then developed my own design practice, while engaged in raising my children.

I create living and lived-in spaces and places that are creative innovative responses:

In challenging conventional thoughts on the use of space, I achieve innovative contemporary design that interprets familiar, traditional building types in a new cultural and social paradigm, and endeavour to achieve environmental mindfulness.

I gather and deepen my skills through:

I am engaged to deliver my clients with high standards, quality and unique design solutions and services. I am committed to:

I aspire to create balance, beauty, harmony and to understand the poetic nature of architecture.

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